SmartMed B.V.

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KVK number: 64797538

Tel: +3185 1300 929

SmartMed is a medication management system suited for care institutions. The transfer of medication information during hospitalisation in care institutions takes a lot of time because this information is often fragmented over the different institutions. SmartMed offers the caregiver the option to have all information presented on screen in an organised manner during hospitalisation and dismissal. SmartMed recognises the complexity of the care processes in care institutions and offers solutions for both centrally and decentrally organised care institutions, for both chronic and acute situations. SmartMed also shoulders the burden for nurses and attendants in the constituent process of medication, leaving more time for the patient.

SmartMed gives me an overview of the entire medication process

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SmartMed has spent a lot of time on the development of a user-friendly interface. Organised screens and buttons help you to quickly and easily learn to use the system. During administration you always have clear insight of the medication lines to be processed, at every moment in time, also if you are interrupted, and you can always adjust the actual administration with regard to the planning, both during and after the moment of administration. In this way, the logistical chain remains transparent and plannable. Visualisations help to keep overview of the department and the status of the patients.