SmartMed B.V.

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KVK number: 64797538

Tel: +3185 1300 929


As a pneumonologist, you will see patients with for example asthma and COPD, who most often have been referred by the general practitioner. You work a lot with other specialists, such as an oncologist when treating lung cancer, or a  neurologist for sleeping problems. Besides giving the right treatment, you train to gain the patient trust and try to comfort him. SmartMed helps you to do this by providing integral management of the medication file, both at home and during hospitalisation, so you and your colleagues take decisions based on the right information. By prescribing based on indication, you can work according to protocol, and save time you can spend with the patient.


A user friendly System

SmartMed has spent a lot of time in the development of a user friendly interface. This helps to quickly and easily learn to use the system. This applies to the prescribing of both simple and complicated medication orders. Monitoring signals are filtered on relevance so you can concentrate on what is important. During searching you are already provided with information about the formula, and if required, stock. Favourites and medication sets make prescribing quicker and safer. Prescribing based on indication, medication, and/or product is possible. Visualisations help to organise more complex treatments.


Optimal patient overview

SmartMed gives you a clear overview of the history and actual status of the medication of a patient, both before, during, and after a visit. The source of information or changes is always clear. The communication process between you and the pharmacist is kept as simple as possible. By using a patient app, you can keep in contact after dismissal. Finally, SmartMed offers you the option to additional monitoring of the health and behaviour of your patients, to help you treat patients faster and better, also preventively.