SmartMed B.V.

Amersfoortsestraat 124/D

3769 AN Soesterberg


KVK number: 64797538

Tel: +3185 1300 929

Mission And Vision

At SmartMed we feel inspired by a number of convictions which lead us and guide the way we think, work, and cooperate. We believe that we can make a difference for people by making great products. We believe we can make a difference by doing things different, or by taking the risk to do things for the first time. Innovation is always key. We feel challenged to make complexity simpler. We want to understand why we do it, and how we do it. We believe that we have to bring different people and knowledge together for unique cooperation and solutions. We appreciate people for what they contribute, and for authentic behaviour, instead of conforming behaviour. We aim for quality and excellence in all aspects of what we do, we admire skill. We appreciate honesty. We have the courage to change when we are wrong.

We believe that we can always do it better tomorrow

We want our products and innovations to improve the health of people. We want to help professionals in healthcare to achieve their best. We want to help change ill care into health care. We try to do this by focussing on the direct needs of healthcare professionals, patients and people. By minimalizing the time consuming administrative overhead with user-friendly aids, designed by and for professionals in healthcare to work safely and quickly. By integrating fragmented medication processes into a closed circle, to facilitate the cooperation between various healthcare workers and patients. By analysing patient generated ‘big data’ to create new knowledge to personalize and improve treatments, making precision medicine possible. By supporting active participation of people to self-care management and preventative medicine. By improving logistical value chains to lower costs, and make new, multi-channel company models possible.

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