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SmartMed obtains ISO 27001 certification

11 September 2018

SmartMed obtains ISO 27001 certification

SmartMed succeeded in obtaining the ISO 27001 certification in less than 2 years after its establishment. Every day, SmartMed professionals continue to develop the SmartMed Medication Management System.

What is the relation between “Patient central” and SmartMed’s ISO 27001 certification? From the beginning, Alfed Godeke, founder and CEO of SmartMed, laid down some well-defined starting points for his company. The most important are:

  • 100 % guarantee of quality
  • First time right
  • Developing and documenting go “hand in hand”
  • Measuring by the inch and not by the mile
  • 5 rights of Medicine als guideline


The best way for SmartMed to show they have their internal affairs in order, was requesting the ISO 27001 certification. Many companies preceded them in this, and every company that has ultimately succeeded in achieving this certification, will confirm that it is an enormous challenging exercise to meet all the small and large conditions which lead eventually to formal certification.

Why certification?

Information protection is increasingly important in Europe, particularly in the field of information management in the healthcare industry. This makes an internationally recognised norm for information protection more and more important.

Certification proces 2018

SmartMed started its ISO 27001 certification in February 2018. All processes have been examined, and if required adjusted and documented. In the most cases, the manner of working was already very safe. Informal processes and agreements have been formalized, in which it was noted that hardly any large company adjustments were required.

Anticipating the new GDPR

SmartMed has been, partly because of the high level of information protection norm, conform with GDPR half a year before it became effective. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new legislation for information protection which became effective on May 25, 2018. The law imposes stronger requirements on the way companies deal with information.

Continuous improvement

Ywe ten Kate, SmartMed Security Manager: “Even though we are proud of the results achieved, we have to stay sharp and keep on optimising our processes. The process has not ended for us. We use the ISO 27001 to keep on improving our organisation. We can always improve. Because SmartMed uses “Security by design” techniques for its development of applications, information protection is not a “separate” module of our software, and the NEN7513 requirements are used in the “design” phase of SmartMed.

About SmartMed

At SmartMed, the well protected medication monitoring from the patient’s perspective is in good hand. Wherever the patient is in the “Care chain”, the SmartMed Medication Management application always has the actual medication overview of the patient directly available. Because SmartMed has been developed SmartMed for multimedia, SmartMed offers the patient the option to have all available medication information available on any information medium, regardless of time or place. SmartMed guarantees that patients can always access their medical status everywhere, and always completely secure.