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this is SmartMed

SmartMed supplies a cloud solution for medication management to hospitals, care facilities, public pharmacies, general practitioners and patients at home. It involves an end-to-end solution for the entire process of prescribing, monitoring, logistics and administration by doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. SmartMed is developed from the perspective of the various end users with the specific aim of user-friendliness, safety, speed and low costs. Integration with EPF and laboratory systems, application of (inter)national technical and functional standards, the patient central, safety, and privacy, the SmartMed platform has been made for it.

One of our partners

GPP Support is an independent, experienced specialist in the field of medication safety and efficient operational management surrounding pharmaceutical service. For us, a core task is helping the management of facility pharmacies and administrators of hospitals and other healthcare facilities optimising the organisation of the process of medication management in all its aspects. We do so by creating prerequisites for: an efficient and safer medication supply, using, among other things, automatic identification (barcode technology, RFID), robotisation, IT security of patient and medication safety in the work processes, an organisation structure that supports these goals, a project management structure and change management structure, an effective innovation process. Besides, the industry makes use of our expertise to be able to meet the needs of the facility pharmacy in the field of efficiency and medication safety.


The new standard in Medication Management

To be able to focus on developing the best software for healthcare, we work together with partners for the implementations and integrations. As an advice organisation or system integrator, you are used to a sometimes harsh reality in the healthcare industry. The difference between old applications, infrastructure, and cultures on one hand, and the future visions of the Branch Organisations of doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and  health insurers etc. on the other hand is often large. You have the ambition to bridge these differences with your knowledge and experience. SmartMed offers you the tools to meet this challenge. This will give you a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself in the market, and to solve old problems with new innovations.

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For market development, implementations and integrations, and the managing of client projects, SmartMed works together with partners. This can be medical partners, consultants, or technological (OEM) partnerships. The essence is the reciprocal added value. As a technological partner you have the option to integrate the specialized SmartMed platform in your suite, and to relieve your clients completely in the field of medication management. Interested? Contact us for a meeting and analysis of the added value SmartMed can have for you.

The unique factor

As advice organisation or system integrator you are used to the sometimes harsh reality in the healthcare industry, to old applications, infrastructure, and cultures. At the same time you take note of for example the future visions of the Federatie Medisch Specialisten, the united hospitals, VWS, health insurers, etc. The underlying central concepts in these visions are already incorporated in SmartMed’s architecture. This gives you a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself and to solve old problems with new innovations.