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SmartMed develops a generic platform for medication management that is aimed at closing the chain and putting the patient really at the center. It is our ambition to provide the first line with a suitable solution in the long term so that information exchange between all care providers is improved. Public pharmacy is a complex and knowledge-intensive field. Logistics and medication monitoring; As a public pharmacist you are familiar with everything that happens behind the scenes. Central Filling, pressure on costs, medication verification, innovations in pharmacogenetics, everything plays a role. With SmartMed you optimize the logistics of your pharmacy, for example through smarter inventory management and fewer return flows. You ensure a safe prescription process by applying national medication standards or any additional local policy. The SmartMed Patient App enables you to communicate directly with your patients. Think of the repeat service, reporting of side effects, application registration and checking compliance. Interactive SmartMed dashboards provide you with the insight you need at any time to make the right analysis and decisions. So you are the valued partner in the regional care chain.

SmartMed ensures that I spend less time on my administrative tasks.”

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SmartMed has spent a lot of time developing a friendly user interface. Clear screens and buttons help to learn how to use the system quickly and easily. During medication monitoring you always keep a clear overview of the patient, the warnings and the medication overview. You can sort by type of alert such as contraindications or interactions, or on the severity of the report. The SmartMed rule engine allows you to formulate and set up additional prescription checks: for example for substitution or specific patient groups. For the medication verification SmartMed offers a clear visual overview of the different situations regarding admission and discharge. Handy for you and the patient.


The logistics of the pharmacy are clearly organized around the different distribution forms, purchasing and supplier management, stock and assortment management, the formulary and finally the delivery to the patient. You can configure which distribution form you want to work with, such as a week roll, collection safe or central filling. SmartMed offers quick insight into the choice of the right medicine, preference policy and availability. This leaves more time for the core task of the pharmacist: guiding the patient in the use of medicines.

OPTIMization of LOGISTIcs

The logistics of the pharmacy is mainly organized around purchasing, stock and assortment management. In addition, the public pharmacy sees increasing possibilities in the delivery of medicines, such as via Central Filling, Baxter rolls or delivery vending machines. You can configure which distribution form you want to work with so that you can offer your clients a wide choice of delivery options. Article management is important, partly due to the preference policy and growing shortages. SmartMed supports a well organized process, taking into account preferences and stock positions. The patient app allows the client to order repeat medication directly from the pharmacy, but SmartMed also offers a repeat service organized by the pharmacy. In the BI environment of SmartMed all logistic processes are made transparent. Think of outstanding recipe requests, stock positions or purchase data.