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For the implementation of our solution, we use the SmartMed implementation method. This method is managed with the regular project management environment where risk management and progress monitoring are provided. The process is directed through milestones, and all stakeholders are provided with relevant information during the process. In the initiation phase the project plan is drafted, and the project is prepared.


Our approach starts with mapping the user need to the standard functionality of the application. Determining a clear scope enables us to speed up the project because there is a clear and common understanding from the beginning. Then we develop a prototype, based on the agreed scope. This prototype is used to confirm the scope and determine further project actions. Legacy data is analysed and the migration approach is determined.


After the prototype has been agreed upon and the scope has been verified, the set up and configuration are started. Integrations and interconnections are realised, and the conversion is tested. The solution is verified, and various functional and user tests are performed before the training and change management is prepared. The roll-out is planned and prepared.


Finally, the solution is implemented. Operational and performance tests are performed, and the end-user training takes place. The last adjustments to the work processes are introduced, and there is much attention for change management. This phase is closed by the go-live. After the go-live, the end user is not left alone, but receives active aftercare by our aftercare team.

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