SmartMed B.V.

Amersfoortsestraat 124/D

3769 AN Soesterberg


KVK number: 64797538

Tel: +3185 1300 929


Because the process of medication management is complex and prone to mistakes, it is of great importance that all professionals involved are properly trained. This applies to doctors, pharmacists and nurses alike. SmartMed offers trainings about the requirements of a patient-safe medication process, the cooperation between care professionals in the determination and execution of medication orders, and in the use of the application. For the best result in an efficient time frame, the E-learning modules are offered, particularly for prescribing and administering. There is also the option to introduce a test or game element. This can be adjusted to your specific requirements or work processes. Besides or additionally, it is possible to give group and individual trainings. User and management manuals are available for study and reference. After the training, an aftercare program is set up to give additional support if necessary.

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