SmartMed B.V.

Amersfoortsestraat 124/D

3769 AN Soesterberg


KVK number: 64797538

Tel: +3185 1300 929

Product Manager

The healthcare industry is facing big challenges with regard to renewing healthcare aided by digital innovations. The patient is becoming more active in managing his own health by monitoring with ‘wearables’ and participation in treatments with the aid of mobile applications. SmartMed consists of a team of highly motivated people who try to realise these challenges. We have various development projects, for both new and existing products that enable you to contribute significantly to a ‘winning team’. Your enthusiasm, experience, and persistence is of great importance in this.
As Product Manager you start your day with a cup of coffee during the stand-up with the CTO, his development team, and your functional team. Together you discuss the planning on the board, prioritise and fine tune activities to deliver high quality results together. In this way you make sure the train between the Technical team and the Delivery team keeps on going. In short, you are responsible for making the factory run effectively and efficiently.

The Agile and Scrum method is perfect for you. You achieve success, failure is not in option. And you can do this while keeping the overview on plan realisation, and to intervene when necessary.

With your help, SmartMed can improve the care for many people worldwide, by giving everyone in the care chain an integral picture of the patient, and to give the patient an active role in this process.

Do you recognise yourself in this description and does it make you enthusiast? Come join our team today! Send your CV to or call us on +3185 1300 929. Visit our website for more information.

Main tasks

  • Designing 4 applications: Hospital, Public Pharmacy, Patient, General Practitioner
  • Generic design, building and executing in functionality
  • Testing & writing test scripts
  • Planning & managing Functional Team
  • Smooth cooperation between Technical and Delivery/Development Team
  • Support Presales and Marketing
  • Cooperation with client/project leader concerning planning, quality and implementation

Function requirements



Experience and affinity


Personal qualities

  • You are a team player
  • You are driven
  • You can plan well
  • You have experience in managing
  • You are focused on quality and results
  • You are visionary
  • You have affinity with IT and processes

We are offering

  • A nice and versatile fulltime function;
  • A young a fast growing company;
  • An informal and collegial atmosphere;
  • Work in the woody environment of Soesterberg;
  • Change to give the patient a voice.